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OpenWebServices is the UF Open Source Club's Microservices project. It currently implements a custom OAuth2 server, SMTP relay, and account management dashboard. It hopes to establish a common set of developer and project infrastructure services for use across the Open Source Club's projects. All microservices integrate with Kubernetes.


This project uses the Go compiler and NodeJS.

git clone
cd OpenWebservices/dashboard
npm i

Quick Start

The project consists of three components: the authentication (Oauth2) server, the dashboard frontend, and the websmtp relay server. To get started, begin by launching the auth server:

cd oauth2
go run ./...

In a separate terminal, launch the NextJS dashboard:

cd dashboard
npm run dev


Maintained by the UF Open Source Club, can be contacted via Discord

Current Maintainers:

  • Michail Zeipekki @zeim839
  • Daniel Wildsmith @danielwildsmith



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