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Open Source Club Documentation

OSC is the Open Source Club at the University of Florida. We are a community of makers, who want to solve problems and improve our world using open source projects. We were founded in the Spring of 2016 as an official student organization at UF. The club is also a partnered Special Interest Group of the UF ACM chapter.

Each semester, members meet and collaborate to build open source projects. Their documentation can be found here. For the main site, see:

Documentation Index


All projects by the UF Open Source Club are governed by open-source licenses. In nearly all projects, you are allowed and encouraged to make contributions - as long as they likewise adhere to the project's respective license. You can browse available projects on the GitHub UF OSC page.

If you wish to contribute to OSC Docs, navigate to its GitHub Repository. Alternatively, clicking on the "Edit this page" button on your desired documentation page will redirect you to the source code for that particular page, where you'll be able to contribute.


You can reach the UF OSC team via email at gator.osc(at) or via the contact form.


This site is licensed under AGPL-3.0-or-later. Source code hosted on GitHub.

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