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The OSC Docs website is a source of truth for projects and club activity at the University of Florida's Open Source Club. More specifically, it hosts user and developer documentation for the various projects started each semester. This project uses Docusaurus to quickly and conveniently generate static sites from Markdown files.

Unlike the main OSC website, the docs website emphasizes content delivery, accessibility, and ease of content creation (especially for non-technical users). This is beyond the capabilities and scope of the main site's native content management system, hence the need for a separate documentation site.

The source code is available on the Open Source Club's GitHub page under the AGLP-3.0-or-later license, and the site is hosted at To get started with contributing to the osc docs, start by installing the project.


  • Installation: Instructions on installing the project and its dependencies.
  • Usage: Instructions on setting up a local development server and using the project.
  • Markdown: Introduction to the Markdown language.
  • Documentation: Creating documentation sites and managing their contents.
  • Static Pages: Guide to creating non-documentation static pages.
  • Configuring Docusaurus: Guide to modifying the Docusaurus website template.